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By | May 15, 2017

Fernando Alonso, a Formula One two-time champion and three-time runner up, prepares in the pits for his initially drive at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on test day, Wednesday, May 3, 2017. Alonso will contend in the 101st running of the 2017 IndyCar 500 Live, driving for Andretti Autosport. Alonso is the ninth driver to enter the Indy 500 with a big showdown added to his repertoire. Jenna Watson/IndyStar

F1 best on the planet Fernando Alonso’s IMS make a big appearanceAlonso himself was content with the appearing, yet knows there’s significantly more work to be done before he can view himself as a contender to be the driver drinking milk and wearing the victor’s wreath come May 28.

“It’s been an extremely supportive day as far as knowing all these distinctive universes, these diverse procedures on driving and get up to speed a tiny bit,” said Alonso, who specified that he’s as yet going to be a IndyCar 500 Live Stream   novice with regards to managing movement on the track. “Still far to go, yet I believe I’m content with this initial step.”

INDIANAPOLIS — What he needed was to give it a chance to free, however they wouldn’t let him. Not immediately. With a specific end goal to finish Indianapolis 500 new kid on the block introduction, Fernando Alonso needed to go through three periods of expanding paces (205-210 mph, 210-215 and 215 or more).

It just took him and hour to easily finish each of the three stages, yet when he was requested that how it felt drive an Indy auto more than 200 mph without precedent for his life, he stated, “It was fun, however now we begin the genuine article.”

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Furthermore, from that point, he was off. In the resulting hours, Alonso finished 110 laps and posted a top speed of higher than 220 mph amid Wednesday’s test at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

On the off chance that Alonso’s Indy auto presentation could have gone better, Zak Brown doesn’t know how.

“Today went precisely as we could have trusted,” said Brown, who was instrumental in conveying the Spanish Formula One star to the 500. “Bunches of laps, he was quick, passed his youngster introduction with no issues, auto ran flawlessly, settled in with the group. Today was an impeccable day.”


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Dark colored wasn’t the main who left away inspired by the two time best on the planet’s initially take a shot at an oval. Mario Andretti said amid Indianapolis 2017 Live communicate of the test session that Alonso looked as agreeable on an oval as a 20-year veteran.

“Couldn’t be smoother,” Andretti said. “He resembles the star that he is.”

For the duration of the day, Alonso would get rave audits amid the communicate from previous 500 champions Johnny Rutherford and Alexander Rossi, among others.


While Alonso may be cheerful, IndyCar authorities and the individuals who organized Alonso to drive the 500 must be plain jazzed. Did their global fascination run well, as well as he turned out to be the real draw they were trusting he would be.

Starting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, IndyCar’s Facebook live stream of the test had totaled more than one 1.1 million perspectives. In the interim, the live stream on YouTube gotten superior to anything 819,000 perspectives.

“That is the energy of Fernando, the energy of McLaren, the energy of Indianapolis Motor Speedway,” said Brown, who has communicated seek in entering McLaren autos in the 500 every year. “Today was a fruitful today. It fabricates a case for returning and doing it over and over. It’s right on time in May, so we have to remain centered and not lose track of the main issue at hand, but rather today was a 10 out of 10 as far as what we needed to accomplish.”

Yet, that is looking too a long ways ahead. Wednesday was about Alonso getting acquainted with IMS, feeling great with his new Andretti Autosport partners and understanding an oval that he found was a little extraordinary what he saw on TV.

“It’s smaller than what I suspected,” Alonso said. “You watch the TV, and you see three autos aside on the primary straight, and now you are with the auto on the principle straight, and it’s difficult to envision, you know, how you can fit three autos there at that speed.

“Unquestionably you will see a portion of the moves and a portion of the things that you were viewing before in an alternate point of view, in an unexpected way. So I will re-watch (old Indianapolis 500s). I have a few planes to take, a few hours on the flight to watch.”

Alonso said he will come back to Spain to be with his family for a few days then get ready for the May 14 Spanish Grand Prix. He then profits to IMS for May 15 for the primary day of testing for the 500.

“I came here, I think it was 2004, the main year that I hustled here,” Alonso said of his Formula One recollections of the track. “I recollect that I was taking photos of the passage for the Speedway. You know, (the engine don) capital of the world.

“It’s an extraordinary place for engine wear as a rule. To race here in May on the 2017 IndyCar 500 Live , it feels like a significant huge thing.”